Popular Art History

Popular Art HistoryPopular/pop art is an art movement that started in Great Britain in the mid 1950s and soon became popular in the United States, towards the end of the 50s.

Popular artwork is defined by its popular mass cultural expressions such as advertising posters, comic book graphics, and any other regular daily object that has become included in a new form of art. The term- “the popular art” has its origin in a Lawrence Alloway article about the new art form that developed post World War II. He described it as being a reflection of the new materialistic and consumerist society.

The popular art movements can be considered ones of the biggest art movements of the 20th century and that peaked in the 1960s in the United States. As a response to the new consumerist society this art movement incorporated advertising concepts, movie stars and regular ad type posters into a new redefined form of art -one of the people for their own culture.

Popular art in the United States has been made worldwide famous through the controversial work of Andy Warhol. His popular art prints featuring the famous Campbell Tomato Juice box advertising print, as well as Marilyn Monroe’s famous multiple sequences of prints. Art became “popular” the moment it brought the elite form of art down to the commercial consumerist artistic visual art. Popular art history shows how its success not only inspired a new art movement called capitalist realism but it has also accompanied a wider popular movements reflecting the urban young popular masses such as pop music.

Popular art today is still a very lively expression and it has now been enriched with the power of digital art making. You can now create your own pop art version of a photo or of a poster with the help of advanced photo editing software.